Your IT infrastructure relies heavily on who handles it for you. In this digitally charged world, one must ensure that all elements of IT within your home and office are managed efficiently. At IT Plus we appreciate that you cannot do without your connections, hardware, software and backup facilities. Our vision is to position IT Plus as the leader in the Information Technology Sector, and the way we do this is to build lasting relationships with a mutually beneficial element built in. i.e. we need you and you need us, always focused on respect and customer satisfaction.
Professional – Reliable – Efficient – are words that all our team members function by.
  • IT Plus started in August of 2012 from humble beginnings, as most businesses do, and we are very proud that our first client is still a client today.
  • We offer a myriad of IT related services catering to the small to medium sized business, as well as the home user or home office.
  • We take pride in ensuring that we always perform an initial analysis consultation, where we ask relatable and specific questions. This helps us to understand your needs and budget.
  • Each analysis consists of an audit of the entire network structure and a in depth look at your data capacity needs. From there we provide a comprehensive and cost effective quotation.
  • We are quick to respond to our clients for call-outs and have a proven track record of satisfied, long-standing clients from a variety of industries.

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